Diving in (2008)….again (2012)

I went on one of Phil Bradley‘s Web 2.0 courses a couple years ago but am finally plunging into the waters of blogging and hopefully using this new medium to learn and hopefully inform along the way. Living on an island (albeit a fairly sizable one!), I’m often reminded that water not only isolates but can connect. I hope that this forum will serve in that spirit.

UPDATE 2012:

image from my old blog

It was 5 years ago that I started my original blog project (http://interestingmusicstuff.blogspot.com). I’ve since grown tired with its limitations and began to migrate content to this new form as WordPress offered further customisation not available in the Blogger software. For example, WordPress allows attachments and more functionality to create ‘pages’ a feature not possible in Blogger. I thought it also a good idea to divest myself across different proprietary softwares. Although Blogger was originally an independent company, it was acquired by Google and I prefer to split my intellectual property as widely dispersed as possible.  As such, my presentation slides have been scattered across various sites including Zoho, Slideshare and Scribd. Although if this software looks as promising as I expect, this next chapter of blogging will probably witness a reunification/aggregation of content from the various sites.


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