Updates to DDM-Online and Hofmeister XIX now available


The current update of DDM-Online has now been completed and is available for your use at http://www.chmtl.indiana.edu/ddm/ . This update includes forty-four new or revised records (received as of 22 November 2008) and brings the total size of the database to 13,930 records.As part of our ongoing revision of older records, this update also includes the addition of hundreds of new index numbers (for ProQuest/Dissertation Abstracts, ProQuest/UMI, RILM Abstracts, and British Library Document Supply) to the records for completed dissertations in the “General-Miscellaneous,” “Antiquity,” “Middle Ages,” “Renaissance,” and “Baroque” sections of DDM-Online. Similar numbers were added to the “Romantic” and the first half of the “Twentieth Century” sections in previous updates. In the next update, we will add the index numbers for the “Classical” and the second half of the “Twentieth Century” sections.

We continue to rely on each of you as individual authors to register your dissertation topics with us as you begin work and then to register the dissertations themselves anew as they are completed. Online registration is available through a link on the DDM-Online home page, but we are always glad to send our conventional registration postcard upon request.

Please check your record in DDM-Online, and if it needs updating from a topic to a completed dissertation (or if it is not present at all), please do register your work with us.

In addition, we always appreciate hearing from individuals who can supply information on musicologically related dissertations that have not been registered with DDM-Online for one reason or another.

Finally, we would be very grateful if dissertation advisors and Directors of Graduate Study would periodically review the in-progress sections of DDM-Online and notify us of any projects they know to have been abandoned (or completed). Quite naturally, authors sometimes neglect to notify us if they withdraw from a program, and in the absence of specific notice from an author or advisor, it is nearly impossible to identify an abandoned project, especially since some dissertations are indeed “in progress” for many years.


Hofmeister XIX is the on-line, searchable version of the Hofmeister Monatsberichte for the years 1829-1900. Containing some 330,000 records of music publications, it is the most extensive resource for establishing what was published where and when during that period. Records are linked to facsimile images of the Monatsberichte on the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library) website.

Hofmeister XIX

The beta version of Hofmeister XIX was released in 2007. Version 1.0 incorporates corrections, many improvements, and additional facilities. Like the beta version it is accessible free of charge at www.hofmeister.rhul.ac.uk

Hofmeister XIX is a Royal Holloway project, funded by the AHRC and programmed by CCH (King’s College, London), with project management by Elizabeth Robinson.

Nicholas Cook (project director)
Director, AHRC Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music Professorial Research Fellow, Royal Holloway, University of London From April 2009: Professor of Music, University of Cambridge nicholas.cook at rhul.ac.uk


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